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2 Litre Organic Olive Oil Casks

2 Litre Organic Olive Oil Casks
Price: AUD $38.00 (Tax exempt)

Casks are available in four different varieties - Correggiola, Frantoio, FS17 and Manzanillo. All our box casks contain a 2lt BPA free bag. Cask design prevents light or air degrading the oils so if you are looking for a way to keep your oil as fresh as possible this is it.

All the oils offered are produced from 100% Australian, organically grown olives. There are no added imported oils.

Olive oil adds a unique flavour and aroma when used in cooking fish and meat or as an ingredient in marinades and sauces such as mayonnaise and pesto. It can also be drizzled on salads, breads and other food.



An unblended aromatic boutique oil. Full bodied distinctive oil with an enhanced peppery finish, with an intense golden colour. This oil is derived from a Greek olive variety and has the strongest taste in the range.



This unblended, mellow boutique oil is a smooth, sensuous oil with a hint of pepper. It is a soft golden colour and has good flavour without being overpowering.



This organic olive oil is a new age unblended boutique oil. It is unlike traditional olive oils and has a herbaceous bouquet with a rich green golden colour. The unique taste of this olive oil makes it the most popular in our range.



This organic olive oil is an unblended classic boutique oil. It is a traditional golden colour and has floral overtones with a buttery mild palate. An ideal oil for the whole family to enjoy.



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